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Alto's EZ Mat Model 4501
Alto's EZ Mat Model 4501

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4501 Mat Cutting System - Quickly design, layout and cut any style of mat.  Because the 4501 is open-ended, it will cut any size mat with border widths up to 6”.  This professional quality mat cutter cuts a true 45 degree bevel, allows for fine border width adjustments and cuts perfect, crisp 90 degree corners with no over cuts.  Anyone can cut single, double and triple mats, inlays, complex corners, narrow borders, mosaic corners, multiple openings and more.  Use right or left-handed.  Comes complete with 8” x 32” base unit, Model 45 Mat Cutter, cutting surface, one hour instructional DVD "The Basics", written instructions and 5 blades.

4501 Phone special: $89.95--1-800-441-6232

  Alto's EZ Mat Model 4505

4505 Mat Cutting System - Does everything the 4501 does, but is designed for the professional or individual who needs wider border widths.  The 4505 is made with brass-plated parts that will last a lifetime.  It will cut any size mat with border widths up to 8”.  Use right or left-handed.  Comes complete with 10” x 38” base unit, Model 45 Mat Cutter, cutting surface, one hour instructional DVD "The Basics", detailed instructions and 5 blades.

4505 Phone Special: $139.95--1-800-441-6232

Alto's EZ Mat Model 4505
  Alto's EZ Mat Oval Templates

Oval Templates - Versatile, affordable and easy to use.  Our oval templates cut 20 different size ovals, from 3” x 4 1/2” to
10 7/8” x 13 7/8”.  Cut clean, beautiful double and triple oval mats, inlays and arcs on traditional, regular mats.  Add distinctive accent lines around oval openings with our unique line guide.  Detailed instructions guide step-by-step through basic and complex designs.  Comes complete with 4 templates and 4 spacers, line guide, Model 30 mat cutter and 5 blades.

Oval Templates Phone Special: $47.95--1-800-441-6232

  Ato's Oval Templates 

Model 360 Circle Cutter - This is an affordable way to cut a quality mat.  Circle and circle accents are needed for many types of framing.  It's very simple to use and will cut perfect 45 degree beveled circles, from a tiny 1” diameter, out to 33” in 1/8” steps.  Double or triple mats are a breeze.  This professional tool, built of high-tech materials, will last a lifetime.  Comes complete with instructions and 5 blades.  Our circle cutter does the job of machines costing hundreds more.

Model 360 Phone Special: $54.95--1-800-441-6232


 Alto's EZ Mat Model 360

Alto's EZ Mat Model 90 T-Square

Model 90 T-Square Cutter - A new, simple, very easy to use tool.  Cut large sheets down to any size you want.  Simply line up the ruler to your desired width and pull the cutter.  It has a 40” capacity, cutting from 0” to 1/4” thick giving you clean 90 degree vertical cuts.  The Model 90 cuts paper, full sheets of 40” x 60” mat board or foam board, mylar, cardboard, leather, veneer, wall paper and vinyl flooring.

Model 90 T-Square Phone Special: $99.95--1-800-441-6232


Alto's EZ Mat Model 45

Model 45 Mat Cutter - Many professionals say that the Model 45 is “the finest mat cutter on the market.”  This innovative tool cuts a true 45 degree bevel.  The pivoting head is designed to be comfortable in your hand, for hours of use without fatigue.  The blade depth adjustment screw allows you to cut through all common, decorative and fabric mat boards.  Use right or left-handed with a straight edge.

Model 45 Phone Special: $37.95--1-800-441-6232


Alto's EZ Mat Model 30

Model 30 Mat Cutter - Use the Model 30 Mat Cutter to cut original and graceful freehand designs.  This easy to use cutter can be used right or left-handed and cuts a clean 30 degree bevel.  Use with any straightedge to cut traditional rectangular mats.  The Model 30 is included with the Oval Templates and is compatible with the 4501 and 4505 mat cutting systems.

Model 30 Phone Special: $12.95--1-800-441-6232

  Alto's Model 30
  Introduction to Matting

Introduction To Matting - Filled with over 200 illustrations, this handbook simplifies the art of making beautiful mats.  A great reference for beginners and experts alike, the Introduction to Matting book includes information, tips and ideas on cutting single and double mats, choosing mat board, choosing colors, French mats, inlays, multiple openings, professional framing details, mounting your artwork and much more!

Mat Cutter's Handbook : $8.95-1-800-441-6232

  Creative Mat Designs Design Collection 1

Creative Mat Designs, Design Collection 1 - This book is about beautiful mats.  55 pages showing step-by-step instructions for 13 creative mat designs.  Perhaps you have admired the elegant mats seen in galleries and thought they were beyond your mat cutting abilities.  NOT SO!  We have simplified it for you by writing the directions so you can do it, one cut at a time.

Design Collection 1 Phone Special: $16.95--1-800-441-6232

  Creative Mat Designs Collection 2

Creative Mat Designs, Design Collection 2 - 12 more creative mat designs including: Cathedral, Triple Ovals, Cut-Out Accent, Panoramic View, Rectang-O, Double-V Corner, Inlay Border and more.  Ideally, your success with these step-by-step instructions will encourage you to branch out and create your own unique designs.

Design Collection 2 Phone Special: $16.95--1-800-441-6232

  Creative Mat Designs Collection 3 Creative Mat Designs, Design Collection 3 - 50% larger with 19 different mat designs in this ninety-three page book.

Design Collection 3 Phone Special: $19.95--1-800-441-6232
  Creative Mat Designs 1, 2 & 3

Creative Mat Designs, Books 1, 2 & 3 - Save even more by pruchasing the complete set of Creative Design Books.

Creative Mat Designs--Full Set: $49.95--1-800-441-6232

  Mat Maker's Video Library

Mat Maker’s Video Library: The Basics - This 54 minute video leads you step-by-step through the process of cutting mats using our 4501 and 4505 Mat cutting system and Oval Templates.  Learn to cut single and double mats, oval mats and combination mats.  Designed for individual or classroom use, this video is the easy, visual way to learn how to make your own mats. Available in VHS or DVD.

Video Library Phone Special: $8.95-1-800-441-6232

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